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  1. Marketable and scalable UX Design is my passion and profession.

  2. A tailormade User Experience strategy is key for your future proof business.

Phil Wornath Phil Wornath

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Analysis & Research

Before we start with the operational part of your product, I follow a strong analytical and research-driven process, in which data and insights are gathered and crucial pain points of your customers are documented.

Design Thinking Process

During the process, gathered insights are translated into objectives and give a starting point for design ideas. This process contains design vision, HMW questions, user portraits and finally leads towards the creation of user tested low- and high fidelity prototypes.


Design done? I will assist you during the entire implementation process, gather insights of stakeholders and analytic tools and over time set measures for further optimizations in the overall User Experience.

Design isn’t finished until somebody is using it.

Brenda Laurel, PhD

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